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AromaFlow Yoga

How to Use Essential Oils in Your Practice to Manifest Wellness and Prosperity

Your yoga practice just got a re-boot. Whether you are fearful of stepping onto a yoga mat, a practiced entreprneurial yoga instructor, or somewhere in between, an AromaFlow Yoga class will suit any level of your yogic journey and take you on the ride of your life. Learn step-by-step essential oil use for a yoga class, and transform the way you experience your body, mind, and LIFE. The class is designed for every BODY in mind both on and off the mat. Learn how to bring your signature class to your community and create abundance for all. It's time to manifest your dreams on your terms so you can better serve others. With your mat, loose fitted clothing, your oils, and this handbook, you'll have what you need to live a more empowered YOU.

AromaFlow Love

 "What makes Susan's AromaFlow Yoga Book stand out is her generous sharing of her 10 years of experience using essential oils in her yoga practice and classes."


—Jeffrey Lewis, Entreprenuer

"Susan is one of the best instructors, mentors, and inspirational leaders I know. This book is like having a class with her everyday!"


—Kim Keenan, Mom & Yogi

“As you read through this beautiful book, Susan’s loving, bright spirit shines through the pages as if she were right beside you, gently guiding you through the coupling of asana with the frequency of high quality essential oils. This primer provides expert guidance for a yoga practice to effectively evolve into an elevated form.”


—Gailann Greene, Alternative Health Entreprenuer

"Finally a beautifully written, smart and savvy book for all yoga students, instructors, and those who may be interested in yoga. Susan gives ideas not only easy to understand but fantastically creative."


—Nancy Orlen Weber, Author, RN, Medical Intuitive

"Susan provides the inexperienced health seeker an introduction into the world of yoga, then gently interweaves the power of essential oils. The more experienced yoga students will find profound ways to deepen their practice with Susan's step-by-step guide of incorporating essential oils into their asana and meditation practice, and she deftly and compassionately opens the mind of the yoga instructor to the world of abundance."


—Sue Pelechaty, Holistic Health Educator

Who the heck is Susan?

I'm a JerseeG’oil born and raised, a Young Living Platinum, certified yoga instructor, former Broadway performer, and mom. I started using Essential Oils in my yoga classes about ten years ago when I saw a growing interest from my students and fellow yoga instructors who were looking to deepen their yogic experience and share it with others. I believe that movement, breath, and essential oils are key to transforming your yoga practice and manifesting unlimited potential. With the assistance of nature’s pure plant oils, we gain access to the spark that lives us all.

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